Tuesday, May 23, 2006

One day at a time

I've decided to work on finding a less hectic nursing job- something Monday-Friday with more normal hours. I'm still researching, networking, and hunting for something that will work. I've sent out a bunch of resumes and am hoping to hear something soon, though no phone calls for interviews yet.
On the diabetes battle front (because that's what it feels like some days- win some battles, lose some- with the goal being winning the war): No improvement in my HgA1C, more tweaking of basals done today with my CDE. The rest of my blood work is fine though, which is a good thing. So, I've decided that I need to set some short term goals for myself because the overall longterm goal isn't working for me. And I'm writing about it here so I have a reminder (and a community to remind me) of where I need to stay focused.

Diabetes Goals:
1. For the next two weeks focus on consistently checking before meals and trying to remember two hours later to recheck especially after breakfast.
2. Try making breakfast a little more low carb for those two weeks and eat some protein with it to help post breakfast BG's.
3. On at least two of my days off a week do 30 minutes of exercise in the am.

Job Hunt Goals:
1. Check online job listings daily.
2. Follow up on resumes sent.
3. Stay open minded.

One good thing is that since I've started my nursing career I've grown a lot both professionally and personally. Two years ago I never would have imagined that I'd be singing worship songs at my church, and now our band has even written a few original songs. It's definitely helped me to find my voice, literally and figuratively. It takes a lot of confidence and faith to stand in front of people and sing into a mic when I used to be the shy one. I know that if I can overcome my initial stage fright I can find a job where I'll thrive. It's just a matter of waiting for Kairos, or the right time, and continuing my quest while I wait. Now to meet with a great friend of mine to brainstorm possibilities. And time to test!

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