Sunday, January 20, 2008

Transistion time- to CGMS, no more Spirit Cafe, and other such changes

Yes, you read correctly. I started my wonderful Minimed CGMS (continuous glucose monitor system for those needing translation) on Jan 16th. It was supposed to start Jan 8th, but I was quite under the weather with a stomach bug that landed me in serious DKA, not to mention my friendly local ICU for a 24hr stint. My first stay since I was 14, so that considered I guess not too bad, though by the time I got there my lab numbers were't too pretty.... I'll spare you those boring details. The data from the sensor is, well, enlightening. I've adjusted some basals, hopefully we'll see some improvement soon. It's been accurate as long as there isn't a huge change in blood sugar. I'll share more once I get past this first week as to what I think, how well it works for me. Though, the irony is that I finally got insurance approval because of my hypoglycemia unawareness, and the way my numbers are right now, I'm using the high alarms mostly. But the goal is to change that around, safely.

Spirit Cafe is the contemporary service my former pastor started in 2003, at a time when our church need a change. I had been invovled with the band, then other parts of helping this service become a success. The goal was always to reach out to others in the community, and to provide an alternative to our more traditional Sunday services. It was great, but sadly, it seems to have run it's course. Attendance had started at around 70-90 people, now we're lucky if 30 show up. Plus, the pastor who started it and spent lots of time each week preparing it retired last Feb. He's enjoying a much deserved retirement, but some people felt the need to leave after he did. We tried a lot of different ways to get people to come, from internal advertising, to evaluating what we were doing. And for awhile I clung to the scripture in Matthew where Jesus that says that "If two or more are gathered in my name, then I am there" (parapharsed). But nothing changed attendance, and so next Sat is the last Spirit Cafe service. It was tough to sit through this weeks, and sing along with some of my favorite band songs, getting choked up that this space, this time wasn't going to be there soon. My left brain kept reminding me that it was the right decision, but my right reminded me of all the memories we've made in the last 4 years. It was there for me when I needed it, during some tricky transition times in my life. A place where I could come and feel God's prescense in a different way than on Sunday morning, where I could really get into the music worship and the message was more hands on. I know that now that I've been nominated to serve on the call committe for the next senior pastor, along with two other Spirit Cafe team members, we'll have a say in making sure the next pastor is innovative and creative in worship. But this time each Saturday will be missed.

And now that both grandfathers have Alzheimers, that reflection time I used to offer up prayer for both of them and my grandmothers I'll have to create. Grandpa was diagnosed "officially" between November and December. The meds helped initially, but don't seem to be doing as well now. Pop Pop, my mom's dad was diagnosed awhile ago now, and is somewhat stable on his meds at the moment. As much as I hate diabetes sometimes, I hate alzheirmers more. I know how to handle diabetes, I learned that a long time ago. But with my grandfathers' Alzheimers I sometimes feel helpless, eventhough the RN part of me tries to deal rationally. So for now, I just do my best to be there for all of my grandparents, just as they've been there for me.

Pop pop, in a pic taken by Mimier recently

Grandpa, at Laura's wedding

Someday we'll have a cure for both of these diseases. In the meantime, check out this link from Amy T's blog about where our candidates stand on healthcare issues.