Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dream Job

I haven't posted in awhile, partly because I'm working again! I started my job as a diabetes educator last Monday and am loving it! I'll get to do both group and individual education and eventually obtain my Certification in Diabetes Education. My coworkers are all supportive and fun to work with. Even more exciting is that I'll be trained to be a Minimed Certified Product Trainer so I can teach patients about the Minimed insulin pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring System starting next Thursday. I'll get to wear the sensor for two weeks as part of the training so I'll get to see what my blood sugar does at times of day that I don't normally test. It's been so nice to have a job that I look foward to going to everyday- and know that I'll love it in the long run. Well, that's all for now- be watching for a meme of things I've done since I was diagnosed with diabetes.


Bernard said...


I attended a pump club meeting and this really seems like a great combination.

Please, please, post your observations after you've been using the pump for a while. I'd like to try and get insurance for coverage for it. But I want to know whether it's worth the effort first!

Kate said...


The rep who is going to get me started needs to get another "live" pump to lend me to use with the sensor, but I will definitely share my experiences. I'm really excited about it and pretty much plan on investing in the sensor and upgrade anyway based on what I know about it, but I'd like to have a trial run of it before sinking that much money into it. Plus I'm hoping that by waiting Minimed will have time to get approval for coverage.