Thursday, May 11, 2006

Caregiver's Weekend continued (finally)

Have you ever had a special place (other than wherever you call home) that welcomes you as though you had never left? A place where you've created sacred memories of love, laughter, and even tears? That when you return to it the last few miles can't go by fast enough, and your heart beats a little faster with excitement when you see a familiar sign, building, or other landmark?Camp is one of those places for me. It always feels like I've come home when I go back, no matter how long it's been. Even now with the new cabins, the memories of the ones I stayed in are as vivid as if they were still there. The mornings are just as peaceful, with the same fog hovering over the pond, as if to protect the contented quiet. Though, if I listen carefully, I can faintly hear echoes of strong swimmers of summers past bringing torches across the pond for final campfire; as campers and staff sing Kumbaya in rounds as we proceed down from the flag pole to the campfire. Or in the Lower Rec, where many all camp games are played, echoes of laughter, cries of "You're it" while playing some variation of tag, and the sound of many feet running on the fresh green grass. The next time I return to camp, I'll have memories of a fun game of Dutch Auction played on my birthday. And, of course camp tradition was followed on my birthday by singing happy birthday to me and the other staff member who was celebrating their birthday. We also had our tables decorated with crepe paper and were sung "Oh What a Beautiful Doll" while we skipped around the dining hall. I hope that for my fellow alumni, I've brought back some fond memories. For anyone who wants to share, please let me know what your special place is, why, and a specific memory thinking of it brings back.


Mom said...

Now that's the story I was waiting to hear :). Brought tears to my eyes - and made me grateful for all the generous people who made your years at CBC possible. Diabetes is a stinky mess, but you make the bright spots light up my heart!!! Love you Kate. Thanks for the memory.
p.s. (nice get-up Jim)

Anonymous said...

Katie Pop Pop and I are so proud of what you are doing with your life. We wish you all the sucess you deserve in life. You go GIRL