Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fun Music Wed

Chris Daughtry whose recent single "It's Not Over" caught my attention, has a great first album out. Since he only made it to the 3rd runner up spot on American Idol, he was able to write and play what he really wanted to which is rock, not pop. You'll notice I tend to prefer singer/songwriters, and Chris knows how to write great lyrics. Check out the lyrics to "Over You" below.

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Ma said...

Some songs just feel like they were written from our own hearts and this one, along with your "my space" song are anthems direct from yours. Stand strong and know that the only way to a better place is by travelling down the long and sometimes bumpy road. God gave us storms so that we can appreciate the sunshine and rainbows, but He never said we don't deserve more rainbows than rain. You deserve rainbows Katie -be proud that you're out of the storm.