Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy season, remembering the reason!

I've been keeping busy lately. As you can see I put up my Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and had fun creating my blue and silver theme for this year. I've also started knitting again as a way to keep my hands busy and make some scarves for friends for Christmas. Last night I attended a neat church service that was developed with U2's permission using their songs and reminded us all that during this time of year it's important to do something for those whose holidays may not be so bright. Whether that be simple gifts or cards for your local nursing homes residents who don't get many visitors, to reaching out to a local food pantry or other community services that need a helping hand at this time of year. U2 also requested that churches who used their songs donate their offering that day to an organization such as the One Campaign:
Jack and Grubby are getting bigger and they just reached another milestone-the all important 6 month all day vet visit. They continue to manage to get into trouble though, especially since Jim has his tree up. One time he found half the garland pulled off of it when he had been busy doing chores in another room. Here are some updated pictures of them. They had been running around after their new laser pointer and were a bit parched, which is why Jack is sticking his tongue out.
And here's one of the two brothers hanging out near one of their favorite rooms- the bathroom. They are forever playing in the bathtub, teasing eachother from the other side of the shower curtain.
" for next play fight...."

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