Sunday, July 09, 2006

"Anniversary Meme"

When I read through Kassie's meme of things she has done/accomplished/experienced since her diagnosis of diabetes, I thought it was a neat way to celebrate a life that happens to have diabetes as a part of it. And, since my 7 year anniversary of going on the pump is coming as of July 20th it's also appropriate.
So, here's my list for the 25 years I've had diabetes (in no particular order):
1. Discovered the joys of reading by the time my sister was born.
2. Won 2nd place for a poem about apples in the third grade.
3. Went away to Clara Barton Camp for two weeks every summer from ages 10-15.
4. Became a part of the Bartonian Circle in 1994.
5. Graduated from high school in 1998.
6. Graduated from nursing school in 2001.
7. Passed the Registered Nurse Boards in 75 questions on the first try in July 2001.
8. Had 3 of my over 70 poems published, including "Storm of Tears"
9. Moved into my own apartment.
10. Loved and been loved.
11. Landed my dream job working as a diabetes educator.
12. Was a mime clown with my youth group and toured the South for 11 days.
13. Learned that the more fiercely angered or deeply hurt you are by someone, is directly related to how deep your love is for them.
14. Was Stanley's "Angel" for a couple years when "all" I did was simply call him a few times a week to see how he was doing since he was a shut-in.
15. Went away to college.
16. Learned how to drive.
17. Went on a five day road trip sharing a car with three other people to North Carolina for our good friend's wedding.
18. Overcame shyness and some stagefright to sing at church as one of now five people who lead worship at our contemporary service (The Spirit Cafe).
19. Walked in my town's Independence Day Parade to promote the Spirit Cafe.
20. Have gone as far west as Minnesota.
21. Dated my smart, sweet, supportive boyfriend for exactly one year.
22. Milked a cow.
23. Driven through or visited 18 our of our 50 states.
24. Became a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honors Society for Nurses.
25. Presented for Nursing Grand Rounds at my last job to educate staff about the importance of controlling diabetes during hospital stays.

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Mom said...

WOW.....not your list of accomplishments (although they are applaudable), but the way you've learned to appreciate the smaller yet life-enriching experiences in life. Many people focus only on the big accomplishments in life like job promotions, big salaries, mortgages, fancy cars, and miss out on the little joys in life. I'm so proud that you've grown into a woman who appreciates the "small stuff" you did when you were a little girl. Now I'd like to see the next 25 things you didn't mention, like the # of books you've read in your lifetime, or the way you're always the best listener to friends in need, or the fact that you're a "cat whisperer", or maybe how you're able to enjoy life everyday without worrying about how much laundry is waiting for you :) Whatever the list includes, large or small, I'm so proud of the woman you are and I want to be the first in line to applaude you! p.s. You forgot to mention h.s. honor society and being voted best little mother in nursery school.