Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Reflections on the Journey......

Sometimes the ordinary tasks in life are the ones that you need to pay attention to- I've been thinking about this experience and mulling it over and was finally given the inspiration to share it.

A couple weeks ago, I took a drive to an unfamiliar town. I was due to be at my destination after nightfall, so I doublechecked my directions and headed out as the sun set behind me. The first 15 minutes were well lit, and the most familiar part. As dusk fell, the clear sky above began revealing it's stars to me. I was grateful for the full moon that had risen as these were country roads with stretches of pure land with no human inhabitants. My journey took me along a river and the moonlight danced off the water. Every now and then I'd have to refer to my directions and make sure I was on the right course. Once or twice I missed a turn and had to find my way back, reorient myself in this strange land, and set off again. The serene countryside had a calming effect, eventhough I was in uncharted teritory. It inspired a reflective mood and to realize how much of the beauty in everyday things we forget to notice. The way the stars travel across the sky, the way the seasons change. If we take the time to listen, nature will tell us one simple truth: change is constant and most of the time it is for the better. Sometimes in a moment it is hard to see, but time, perspective, and quiet reflection reveal what we need to learn about ourselves. Sometimes we have directions, or someone who is a guiding light, who has gone before us. And other times we seem to get lost, when in reality it was only a lesson in where that road may lead.

Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night"


Kassie said...

Wonderful sentiments!

I'm a fan of getting a little lost, or at least trying out a different road, in my car and in life.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Sounds like a fantastic journey!