Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Prince who turned back into a Frog

Back in September, when I returned from Italy, I made the announcement that I was engaged. After that, we chose a date (9/30/07), started our planning. My sister was engaged within a few weeks of me, so we were planning our weddings together. They were going to be 6 weeks apart- hers in mid-August and mine at the end of September. Dresses were bought, reservations were made with the church, photographer, DJ, and the reception hall over the course of October and November. And then December came. And it all fell apart. It's a long, "dark and twisty" as Meredith on Grey's Anatomy would say, story. It ended 12/20/06, for reasons he gave that made it clear that it was for the best. And as those of you who read this blog know, I'm moving on- in so many ways. School has been one of the best things I've done, and work is going well. Come September 30th, 2007, I will be walking in the local ADA Step Out for Diabetes walk, which I am on the Planning and Fundraising committee for. Next week I will be working at the local ADA office to set up a Myspace page for the ADA walk- watch for the link to it here. Also, for those of you with Facebook accounts, there is an ADA group on there already. My family has been wonderfully supportive, as have been my friends. My dress for my sister's wedding came in recently, and it looks great!
So, while one chapter has ended, attitude is everything and I believe in looking at this as an opportunity for new beginnings.

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