Friday, November 10, 2006

Kitten Update

"Whatcha doing?"
Grubby and Jack are doing well and like their new scratching toys. They were occasionally using the carpet and once or twice the furniture to scratch so we had to curb that behavior now. We purchased a cardboard scratching post that is on an incline which came with some catnip. They seemed to like the texture of that very much so hopefully they will learn to scratch it instead of the carpet, etc. My prediction of who would be the lap cat was completely wrong though. Jack is much more of a lap cat and demands affection. Grubby is much more content to find someplace to plop down to relax alone when he isn't playing. They both like to follow the mouse all over the computer screen too, so they have had to be trained to not do that. As you can see, Jack likes sleeping on the keyboard to Jim's extra computer. Any other thoughts to antiscratching training would be appreciated!


Rachel said...

antiscratching training?

learn to accept that things will be scratched whether you like it or not. ;)

Although, turboscratchers are good.

Kate said...

The new cardboard scratching post is getting much use, and we do realize they will still scratch other things at times. We just want them to use the scratching post more often than not:)

Lili said...

What cute kitties!

Happy Thanksgiving!

George said...

OMgoodness, i want a kitty so bad! That you for the cute pics!

Kate said...

Thanks Lili and George! I am, of course biased about how cute they are but it's nice to hear anyway:)

ArtSweet said...