Monday, August 21, 2006

Sensor Day 1

Well, the sensor has been in since 945 this am and I'm loving it! It seemed to be fairly accurate fairly quickly with me, even though I was warned that the first 8 hours or so can be a little off. Having my low alarm at 90 was a wise choice- I dipped down to 67 just before dinner and my sensor thought my blood sugar was 82 (well within the 20% difference that is possible). But this time the low was mild, and it didn't catch me off guard because I already knew I was coming down quickly from my correction. I don't think though that I'll wake up if it's alarming- it's no louder than the other audible beeps for low battery or low resevoir. And as my family can tell you, I've slept through thunderstorms that would wake the dead! I had pizza for dinner, and surprisingly my bloodsugars stayed very level- either it was because I was coming into the dinner low or I counted my carbs well. Either way, it is so neat to be able to press a button and see what my blood sugars are doing. If anyone has any questions in the next few days, just leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer them. For now, it's time for one last calibration for the day.

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