Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yea for CDE's!

I saw my certified diabetes educator this week, and we made a few changes to my basals and bolus ratios (insulin pump jargon for around the clock insulin and mealtime insulin). I was frustrated with my numbers and wanted to be a little more aggressive, but she reminded me that with my lows I needed to ease into better control. And our changes have paid off so far! More target blood glucose numbers than before. It felt good to wake up at a normal number instead of high after sleeping in today. It makes me wish I had accepted the help before now. I guess that's my stubbornly independent streak- that those of you who know me well have witnessed. Please gently remind me once in awhile that it helps to ask for help.
Jim and I are spending next weekend at camp to help out with Caregiver's weekend. I'm looking foward to it, and hoping the weather is as nice as it's been. Not that I'd let a little rain dampen my Camp Barton spirit! And it's always rewarding to empower families through education while having fun. Well, time for some zzz's to get through the next couple work days.


Kassie said...

CDE's rock. It's good to remember how darn helpful they can be!

I can totally relate to the waking up not high thing. soooo nice.

So glad to see you blogging. Please write and tell us how the weekend went! I'm so jealous!

Kate said...

Kassie, I will definitely post after my weekend at camp. I love reading your blog- I think it's so neat that you've written and published a book for parents with diabetes! Good luck your debut on April 27th. Enjoy every moment of it.